About Us

We have started to subserve assmall family company in 1993. It was departed from family company as a natural result of growth and development and was founded as named Kurcelik Machinery A.S with a new production understanding and quality vision in 2003.


We have been achieving; Manufacturing  researching and developing of Conveyor sytems, Extraction sytems, Forming sytems and been implementing installation of these sytems up to customer requirements such as consultation, planning-engineering, assembling,  commissioning, orientation for best production performance, suppling spare parts services  since 1993 especially in Chipboard - Mdf sectors with having  advantages of serious experiences from the past and from many done projects.




Project Planing and consultation ,

Customized and reliable engineering solutions according to customer's demand and needs.

Quality certified production in European standards.

Site installation service or supervisory service of the produced equipments according to again customer’s demand and needs.

Supervisory service during commissioning.

We stand by our customers with our services, such as suppling spare parts for 25 years.


Our motto is :

‘’Machines and plants that are closest to perfection with high quality and less cost’’

Our Target is :

Our first target is become a big brand in sectors that we serve.


Main Sectors that we serve

Our main production is for Chipboard, Mdf, Osb facilities  and iron-steel facilities, and automotive sectors.

Our company is signed many national and international succesfull projects for chipboard, mdf and Osb sectors.

We countinue our functioning with understanding that is to be next to our customers from first step to last step with our services such as; Starting from the engineering and capacity calculations of the systems that the facilities need in the sector, planning, settlement, project drawings, pricing, production, installation, ensuring the orientation of the related systems for the best product performance and producing fast solutions to the problems that may occur, ensuring the supply of spare parts that we can say from first step to last step we are working with an understanding that is next to customers.

Our agreements can be done such as ex work or turnkey up to our customer requests.



Carrier Sytems

Screw Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

Roller Conveyors

Scraper Conveyors

Bucket Elavator

Storaging and Excharging Sytems

Steel Silo Excharging Sytem

Concreting Silo Sytem


Pneumatic Lines and Separation Sytems

Pneumatic Piping Lines






Air Separators

Rotary Valves

Feeding Sytems

Vibrating Feeding Sytems

Chain Feeding Conveyor Sytems

Apron Feeding Sytems





Tanks and Mixer

Storaging Tanks

Mixer Reaktors


Iron and Steel Sectors

Carrier Sytems

Chain Conveyors

Roller Conveyors

Routing, Sorting and Starking Sytems

Disk Supporting Equipments

Grinding Table Equipments

Strapping  Table

New PAWL Disk

Fixed Stopper

Retractable stop





Vehicle seat Sponge Production Lines

Rotating Platform Sponge Production Lines

Locomotive Type Sponge Production Lines